Thank you for coming in to speak to our Year 13 students.


Your inspiring talk was extremely engaging and gave students a valuable insight into running a business, entrepreneurialism and the essential skills needed for today’s work place and I am sure this will prove highly beneficial in their future career journey.


I received much positive feedback from both students and staff and we look forward to working with you in the future.


Toni Reeves, Careers Adviser, Townley Grammar School

Hey Sacha,  where do I start with Superwoman - there is nothing you can't do ! It's a pity I didn't see ya before I left - would've loved a big hug from ya ! I absolutely love you to bits and I do struggle to say the word love believe it or not but 100% 100% Love ya ! You are such a legend - always smiling that beautiful smile ! I don't think I ever met someone so lovely who has a massive heartbeat of Gold ! I love everything you say coz you always say it from the heart - your intentions are always great

Your contribution to the group was immense - I loved when you talked as again it was always  from the heart and so relatable and would inspire the rest of us ! I loved all your stories which were always interesting and entertaining! Your such an amazing Amazing beautiful person - ur a fucking Legend! I could write for pages upon pages of how great you are so keep up the good work and keep kicking ass by being your beautiful self !

Thailand Retreat

Why I signed up...

I signed up for this trip mainly for my daughter who was going through alot and I knew she needed to be in a place where she could open up and be herself. I also needed this trip for myself emotionally and physically and I needed to improve myself in that way so I can be the best support for my daughter and my family.


What was I expecting...

I was expecting the trip to be relaxing, entertaining, challenging, emotional, and fun! And it was all that and so much more it was spectacular to say the least! 


What I felt like while I was there..

Wow it was a rollercoaster of feelings I was so happy to be in such an amazing place with amazing people I felt happy, sad, overwhelmed, humble and excited but most of all honoured to share the whole experience with people who were going through their own journeys.


The trips...

Wow wow wow they were unbelievable! 

Never in my life did I ever think I would kiss an elephant! A few frogs maybe but not an elephant  it was extraordinary! The boat trip was amazing the scenery was breathtaking and having a photographer was excellent! It was paradise 


The coaching....

The coaching was fantastic! It really made me think about things in my life that I hadn't prioritised which should have been top of my list and hearing what other people had to say was great I loved their opinions and input... I would have loved more meditation I really loved it. I always taught i couldn't do it because my mind raced with lots of different things and I always assumed I was doing it wrong but now I know better and I loved the way Sacha spoke throughout the meditation it was so calming.


The exercise....

Well what can I say I had great intentions...i ran I did yoga i climbed Buddha mountain twice!! I didn't take part in Maui Thai boxing as I have a bad shoulder but it looked incredible...I wasn't feeling well for a few days and I didn't take part in some excercise and honestly I missed is very tiring in the heat but what I've learned from being there is that if your mind wants it your body will follow....


What I have felt since returning...

I want to go back!!!! Seriously I have made so many changes in my life in the short time since I came home some easy some difficult but I know that every change I make whether big or small is making me a better person and making my life easier and happier and if I'm happier then those around me are happier and I am the most important person in my life!

Onwards and Upwards 


Hi Sacha


Just wanted to wish you the best of luck for the event tommorrow especially as two of my besties will be with you, also huge congratulations on your contract with David Lloyd. 


Most of all I wanted to say thankyou from the bottom of my heart for helping me to look at things in a different way, you wouldn't believe how different things are for me, thank goodness I paid for redirected mail otherwise I wouldn't of got my letter to myself after attending you course for the second time.


We have moved to Tenterden ( despite the negativity we were up against)


I decided to try and get a part time job which in itself was a challenge for me, but I remembered the tools you gave me and faced it with confidence and am now working in a pharmacy/gift shop helping people which I love.


I love the area so much to investigate and do, oh and guess what everyone who was against it loves it they had no faith in our decision.


I was so pleased when my letter arrived it just made me smile so much my finishing line to myself was



And that is exactly what I did so thankyou for restoring my faith in myself 

Have a brilliant day tommorrow I can see you dancing already.


Happy for you to share this I don't use social media for this sort of thing and to be honest I only told those true to me that I've moved.


Catch you soon 


With love

Thailand Retreat


I signed up to face new challenges and get some clarity in my life and help me make some decisions about my life to help me move forward and try new forms of exercise.

I was expecting to challenge myself and have a nice holiday.

This holiday definitely excessed my expectations.

I enjoyed the trips, especially the elephant sanctuary, I even enjoyed the boat trip (not the ride) but the positive from that is I faced my fears and got to see the amazing phi phi islands.

Loved the coaching helped me some important decisions in my life and give me a more positive outlook.

Loved the exercise trying new things will definitely be doing the yoga and Muay Thai now I’m home.

How have you felt since returning ?

Fine, really good, positive minded and looking forward to the next chapter in my life xx


Thank you for an amazing two weeks, which I know will impact on the rest of my life xxx I will be returning and would recommend the trip to anyone. From DC

Thailand Retreat

I highly recommend doing the mind body and soul retreat in Thailand with sacha Marie mulligan. I had lost my way in life and was struggling with myself when I was offered a chance to go so accepted.


Sacha taught me how to map things out and change the negative and turn them around. We learnt to meditate and how to start loving yourself again. My greatest achievement was to climb Buda mountain not once but twice. 

I found it hard going back home but remembered what Sacha had taught me and now slowly moving forward with my life with a better mind body and soul.


Thailand Retreat


Why did you sign up ? 

I signed up for this trip to better myself and to change my opinion on things which it certainly did! I done stuff I never thought I would do it pushed me out of my comfort zone and into another world I have been missing out. 


What was you expecting? 

I was expecting nothing like I experienced I never thought I could relax as much as I did nor have fun and try new things. 


What did you feel while you were in Thailand 

I felt different I felt calm and like I could achieve more and I knew what path I was taking in life and that I could now do things I never thought I could before 


What did you think of the trips 

I enjoyed everyone of the trip the boat scared me a little ha but if I didn’t suffer the boat I would have never seen the amazing phi phi islands. Every trip was amazing and very worth while. 


What did you think of the coaching 

It opened my eyes to myself a lot more 


What did you think of the exercise 

I dreaded it but i enjoyed every minute of it and continued when I came home. 


How have you felt since returning 

I have felt different and felt like I know what I want in life and I deal with stressful and dramatic situations a lot better and more calm in myself 


I enjoyed everything and every minute of it and wouldn’t have changed a second 


The reason I went to see Sacha was that I wanted to change myself and get back to the old me. 

I was in a very dark place and could not see a way out when I started to see her.  I had so much stress due to a horrible habit and since I have been coming I have got rid of them. 

After every session we have had I feel so much better in myself and my mind feels strong.  It really has changed my life already.  I am super excited for what the future holds with this new lease of life, that Sacha has helped me find. 

(this was after 3 sessions monthly) 

Sacha is truly amazing just after 1 session I changed my outlook in my life. 

I do have the odd bad day but it used to be everyday so my life is better and I can't thank Sacha enough. 

I have worked with Sacha for 5 months now and I cannot thank her enough although as she says I did the work, she actually showed me and kept me on track. 

What I love about Sacha and working with her is that she has so much life experience that when we come up with issues she guides me in a way I have never been shown before. 

Just book a session if you are thinking about it she works her magic and gives you drive to change your life. 

I was introduced to Sacha through a friend.  Her skills of understanding & guiding me through my past, present and hope for the future has changed my mindset.  I cannot recommend her enough. 

If you have any issues in your life I can't recommend Sacha enough.  She has instilled in me how amazing I am and to love myself.  Now I am living a better life than I have ever.   My mind is calm and truly feel honoured to work with Sacha.   I really look forward to our sessions as she just leaves you on a high, a real pocket rocket. 

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