Hi I am Sacha Marie Mulligan and I am the creator of the "Be the best" you programme and brand. 

I am a qualified positive psychology practitioner, a certified bereavement counsellor as well as holding a life- coaching diploma. 

I see myself as just an ordinary woman living an extraordinary  life. 

I share my knowledge; story and tools that will help people live happier lives through the use of positive psychology.

I work either presenting in work places, running my own events, presenting at other peoples events, as well as working 1-2-1 with many clients. 


Life wasn’t always this good though………..

I myself have suffered with depression, anxiety, drug addiction, alcohol,  lack of self worth, lack of self confidence, post traumatic stress syndrome, post natal depression, grief. 

My mission to help at least 100,000,000 people in a positive way.

I work with people on an individual basis or in groups at events I am privileged to attend and speak at. 

I speak at schools, colleges and work places teaching positive psychology and explaining how the use of the techniques I employ, can change the dynamics of any ones life from a negative standpoint to a positive transformation, and I also emphasise that if there are aspects of life that are difficult to cope with there is always a positive solution that can be used from the range of psychological tools I am able to teach.

I love what I do and I have been able to successfully help so many people over the years. 

I also offer a one-hour free of charge to anyone who would like me to outline the practical use of positive psychology either on a one to one basis, or part of a group.

Would you, Your team or group benefit from knowing how to deal effectively with stresses of every day life? 

Would you benefit on being shown how you can initiate a positive mindset throughout each and every day? 

Would you benefit from having you and your group focusing on positives and therefore performing better everyday? 


I’m sure the answer is yes ………………… Get in touch with me either via my email or phone. 



Through the study Sacha has gained through the Scientific research of positive psychology she helps people live happier fuller lives. 

So what is positive psychology? 

It's a scientific study research by Martin Seligman and works on 3 levels. 

Positive Psychology is a scientific study of human flourishing, and an applied approach to optimal functioning.  It has also been defined as the study of the strengths and virtues that enable individuals, communities and organisations to thrive. 

The 3 basic areas of the study and practice is : 

Positive emotions, consisting of contentment with the past, current happiness, hope for the future. 

Positive traits, such as courage, resilience, curiosity, self-knowledge, integrity, compassion and creativity. 

Positive psychology can help you become happier in many ways.  When we practice focusing on happy things, turning negative into positive, letting go of all negativity.  Then we eventually are only left with positive. 


9 Habits of Extremely happy people 

: recharge your batteries,  too often in todays world downtime is viewed as lost time.....

: Visualize a happy life.  Successful people spend time dreaming about the future because it makes them happy , not just that its productive

: Practice gratitude

: Clock out from work 

: Laugh 

: Go outside 

: Make exercise a routine 

: eat healthy & Hydrate

: Plan for the future

I have the honour and privilege to get to work in large organizations and help so many people and company bosses get better production from their staff as I share my 28 years of knowledge in the personal development world where we focus on all 4 areas of wellness, FINANCIAL, PHYSICAL, MENTAL & EMOTIONAL. 


I am currently in the process of writing my second book and I know it will go on and help so many people around the world.  

I continue to progress through life helping as many people as I possibly can as I am so passionate about what I do. 


My mission is to impact at least 100 billion people in a positive way. 

I am adventurous, spontaneous and love a challenge (that’s why I married my husband) and I live life to the full. 

Bit more about me; 
I have two beautiful children

I have the most amazing friends

I have the most amazing husband 
I love a challenge (thats why I married my husband) 
I say it as it is 
I would never say anything behind anyones back that I wouldnt say to their face. 
I love the buddist way of life 
I have completed the London Marathon 
I love to grow
I love to read 
I love to have fun 
I love to laugh 

I would describe myself as honest, wise, beautiful & authentic. 


For all product related enquiries, email sachamariemulligan@icloud.com


If you would like a 1-2-1 meeting with Sacha you can visit her at her Harley Street Practice. 

Visit her home studio in Eltham. 

or 1-2-1 meeting via Skype, zoom or FaceTime. 

For speaking related enquiries, email 



Phone: 03301131904